Does Your Website Need a Mulligan?

I love the challenge of using my writing, editing, and design skills to put together WordPress websites for small businesses.

A quick look around the Internet will tell you that the typical website designer is not a wordsmith. But because of my background in journalism, I’m able to take a unique approach, treating language as part of the design—and making sure that no grammatical errors creep in. I can reinvent your static website in a WordPress format so you can easily make changes or post to a blog. Or I can start at the beginning and set up a new site.

I can ensure that your site is friendly to SEO (search-engine optimization), and I can advise on integration with social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

What about Wix or SquareSpace? On occasion, I’ve run into a freelance colleague who has attempted to put together a site using one of these “easier” site builders. If your site is stuck in this situation, I’m happy to try to sort it out.

Working through a website design or redesign can be intimidating, but I keep it simple, collaborative, and even fun!

Website Portfolio

How to explain a practice that uses the Alexander Technique, Tai Chi, golf, and biotensegrity? Lori Milani and I worked through this complexity and came up with an innovative site. Ed Bilanchone’s work is fascinating!

The Lifesavers National Conference on Highway Safety Priorities meets once a year in the spring, but behind-the-scenes work goes on all the time. The planners needed a site that they could update continuously as deadlines come and go. WordPress makes it easy.

Nikki Daruwala had a career full of amazing experiences, a good idea of what she wanted to say, and a passion for her mission when we got to work on a site for her new consulting company, NDpoint Strategies. It has been inspiring to watch Nikki’s business grow over the past few years.
Meetings Management had an old site that they couldn’t tweak without going through a complicated and costly process. With WordPress, they’re able to make changes themselves without incurring additional costs.

Alexandria Myotherapy, a massage therapy practice in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia, needed to update its site, which is heavily used by clients to schedule appointments and purchase gift certificates. A WordPress site enabled the staff to begin writing an engaging blog.

I redesigned and act as webmaster for the Lee District Democrats’ website in Fairfax County, Virginia.