Editing, Design, Making Connections

Some projects require more than one kind of expertise. Mulligan Communications, LLC, builds on my ability to make connections between words and design to help clients achieve their goals.

My name is Mary Anne Mulligan. Primarily, I am an editor with design and production skills and a deep understanding of the publishing process. I’m a reliable and steady presence for my clients, almost always available at a moment’s notice to edit content, tweak a page design, or provide a reasoned opinion on a grammatical point.

My background in journalism enables me to use language and design together to create compelling, clean documents and websites. Thanks to years of daily newsroom deadlines, I carry out my work speedily, accurately, and with a sense of humor.


While my work falls into three main areas, my favorite projects combine aspects of two or all three:

  • Copy editing, research, and writing.
  • Publication design.
  • WordPress website design and social media integration.


I reached this point after working in newspaper journalism for a number of years. From 2000 through 2009, I was an associate editor of The Washington Post National Weekly Edition, responsible for designing pages and editing copy on a broad range of topics. Previously, I was a news editor for several other medium-size newspapers, primarily responsible for the front page or local section front.

I have worked on contract as an editor and/or designer for National Geographic Digital News, the World Bank, Bloomberg BNA, associations, and academic institutions. I’ve designed and produced book-length publications and newsletters for the World Bank and other organizations, and I design the Mathematical Association of America’s quarterly Math Horizons magazine. I produced the 2016 and 2017 versions of State of Black Housing in America.

Education & Training

My degree in journalism is from Penn State University, where I was a copy editor and reporter for The Daily Collegian. I took graduate-level classes in graphics and design at The George Washington University, and studied web design at Northern Virginia Community College.

If there’s part of a job I can’t handle on my own, I’m able to bring in other skilled professionals for collaboration.

I’m here to help! Drop me a line.

We made an excellent decision when we chose Mary Anne to edit our website. As an experienced editor she was able to correct our prose in a way that showed that she understood our business. Miraculously she brought together all the parts of our website so that they were logical and internally consistent. Indeed while clarifying our work for our clients and potential clients, she helped us to better understand ourselves. We have appreciated, too, her ever cheerful and rapid response to questions and to the changes that can frustrate any business. This is as good as it gets.

Sandra Levy

Owner, Alexandria Myotherapy

I know more about quantum physics than I do about website design, so when I became hopelessly bogged down with an unfinished site, I turned to Mary Anne. In just 90 minutes, she got me back on track by reorganizing my incomplete pages, showing me how to manipulate the various features that matter to me, and providing some editable text in the blank spots. Thanks to Mary Anne, I can now move ahead with a more coherent, professional-looking website. I’d recommend her to anyone who feels stuck managing their own site.

Elizabeth Sheley

Science writer & editor

We threw some tough editing jobs Mary Anne’s way when I was editing energy news at National Geographic’s website. Pieces written by overseas writers for whom English was a second language, stories filled with obscure place names and geographic details, technology features that had to be checked for math and science errors as well as grammar—Mary Anne handled them all with speed, skill, and collegial good humor. Her sharp eyes protected us from the kind of mistakes that can damage a publication’s reputation. Errors are almost inevitable if you are trying to do work of depth, complexity, and global reach. But we could always trust Mary Anne to root them out, and maintain our high standards for quality and accuracy.

Marianne Lavelle

Science writer & editor

For several years, Mary Anne helped us keep our international employment law primers current. Mary Anne performed thorough research and incorporated difficult to understand employment law changes into our content. Mary Anne’s writing is clear and concise. She never missed a deadline and often turned her work in prior to deadlines. When I needed her to finish something earlier than expected, she always got the work done. Three words sum up Mary Anne and her work: Thorough, reliable and flexible!

Laura Hagmann

Editor, Bloomberg BNA